Technology for Tomorrow's Learners

Summer Technology Conference, July 13-14, 2009, Bibb County High School
Session Description from Program: Using Wikis and Other Wonderful Web Tools to Teach Wikis really work! Find out how to use a wiki to transform your students into motivated, energetic owners of their learning. Learn to use dozens of free web tools with your wiki, creating an amazing learning experience for your students and renewed enthusiasm for teaching! Presenter: Jennifer Barnett

Today's Agenda

old_school_bell_ringing_hg_wht.gifBellringer Activity - Read the section "Frequently Asked Questions and My Responses " on My Wiki Help Page
Welcome and Introductions
What is a Wiki? Using a Wiki (Common Craft video) or Use Teachers First Wiki Walk-Through

NumberOne.jpgHow can a wiki be used in the classroom?

Brainstorm what you might like a wiki to do for you or for you and your students
  • Complete "Breakwork" assignment: Ask three people to tell you what kind of wiki they'd like to create today.
  • EXTRA CREDIT "Breakwork" Assignment - think of a catchy name for your wiki.

NumberTwo.jpgTour of Web Tools
  • My Web Wardrobe - Take a quick tour of a variety of web tools that can be used to teach.

Record Your Favorites
  • Keep a running list of those tools you think might fit you perfectly. You will learn to use one or two of them today, in conjunction with your wiki.

NumberThree.jpgCreate A Wiki
  • STOP! Always, always, always write down your username and password and put somewhere safe. (I email notes to myself and save in a special folder or put in "Notes" on my phone.) Always keep a log of student usernames and passwords. They forget and lose them as much as we do!
  • Now, let's Create a Wiki. Go to this Special Teacher Page to create ad ad-free wiki. You will register first, then create your wiki. Choose an easy to remember name for your wiki.

Today's Wiki Tips and Tricks
Edit a Page - Learn to use most of the toolbar (bold, italics, underline; Headings, numbers, bullets, lines, hyperlink, files, embed, tables, and save)
Create a New Page
Edit Navigation
Manage Space
Make and Take
Now, this will feel a bit strange. You will make a wiki, learning a few features as you go along, but it will remain in cyberspace. This "make and take" exercise is the perfect example of how your students expect to learn. You can come back at any time and work a bit, at your leisure. The more you play, they better you will get. It takes time and patience. (Feel free to email me for help when you run out of time and patience. I've been there and I really do understand!