Character Metaphor Project

What Are Metaphors?

Metaphors are comparisons that show how two things that are not alike in most ways are similar in one important way. Metaphors are a way to describe something. Authors use them to make their writing more interesting or entertaining.
Unlike similes that use the words “as” or “like” to make a comparison, metaphors state that something is something else.

gingerbread_man2.jpgYou will receive a "gingerbread-style" character. Choose one of the characters from the novel we are reading. This character should be one that is so fascinating that you'd enjoy learning a bit more about him or her. Be sure you sign up for your character.

Research this character. Using novel sites like Spark Notes or Cliff Notes and other traditional searches, learn as much as you can about your character.
Take notes on anything you find unusual, entertaining, or interesting. Look for nouns that explain more about your character as you conduct your research.
Using old magazines, pictures, greeting cards, drawings, or clip art, choose pictures of objects or things that describe somthing interesting about your character. Consider body parts as you do this.
(i.e. Head/Face/Mouth - think about their intellect, beauty, and other mental and physical descriptions; Hands - how do they use their hands? Heart - feelings, attitudes, concerns, love, etc; Feet - where do they go? and so on)
Glue the pictures in collage form on the area that best suits that picture. If your character is stubborn, you might glue pictures of rocks on their head. And so on.
On the back of the gingerbread person, write a short description of why you chose that metaphor for your character and why you put it in that particular place. Again, the rock is a metaphor used to describe the character's stubborness.

Make sure your name and your character's name are clearly written on the back, along with your metaphor descriptions.

Resources for making a digital version of the gingerbread man:
Microsoft Paint

Examples from The Great Gatsby