Geo Monsters

Monsters are great fun for any student studying geometry. Check out the work done by Challenger Middle School (Huntsville) and Sargent Park Middle School (Manitoba, Canada) a few years ago. Thanks to Crystal Wright for sharing with the world!

Use this Concept with Other Math Content

This project concept has great applications to other content and has great potential for using a variety of technical tools. Students are likely to respond enthusiastically to the use of the technical tools, thus I highly recommend making them a part of the project. Yet, the project can be done without technology.

Project Wiki

Visit their wiki to get the specifics of this portion of their interaction with a "sister class" in another country.

Basic Idea for Geo Monsters:
  1. Students (or groups of students) create a "Geo Monster" complete with exact directions for constructing its identical twin.
  2. Take a photo of the monster.
  3. Share ONLY the directions with another group outside the class. (Another class in your school or even in another city, state or country)
  4. Have the other student or group construct the monster using ONLY the directions.
  5. The other class should do the same so everyone has a geo monster to create.
  6. When finished, compare photos of the original monsters. (It is extremely unlikely they will be identical. In fact, it's better if they aren't)
  7. As a group, allow students to discover the reason(s) that the geo monsters did not come out alike. (Use skype, voicethread, google docs)
  8. Present conclusions to class.