Google Docs

Google Docs in Plain English

This is a great introduction video explaining what a Google Doc is and how they work! It's 2 minutes 51 seconds and is lightning fast! Be prepared to really listen and concentrate!

Resources for Google Docs

Google Docs Site - Go here to get started setting up your Google Docs account and create your first Google Doc.

Help Desk at Google Docs - Go here to get the answers to your questions about Google Docs.

Tour of Google Docs - See a tour of Google Docs.

Google Docs Blog - Find out more about the features in Google Docs on the Google Docs blog.

Advanced Users Information - Go here to see what's new in Google Docs!

Cool Stuff in Google Docs - How to make forms, surveys and quizzes in Google Docs.

Google Apps Lesson Plans - Teachers can find great inspiration for using Google Docs here.

Tutorials and Handouts