Homewood City - SPED Part Two

Thursday, April 21, 2011
3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Livescribe's Smart PenSimple, student-centered, integrated assistive technology device allowing opportunities to revisit instruction, build comprehension, andimprove productivity in the classroom.
Training Agenda

Welcome and Overview of the Day's Session

Smart Pens
Introduction and Test Preparation

Review Resources

Reading Comprehension
Review Resources, Demonstration

Audio Support and Low Vision
Review Resources

Transition Information
Review Roadmap and Resources

Conclude Session
Resource Chart
Livescribe Smart Pens
E- Readers
Reading Comprehension
Audio Support and Low Vision
12 Ways Educators & Students
Are Using the Pen Today

7 things you should know about e-readers.pdf
Resource from Educause, 2010
Reading Comprehension Resources
How To Teach A Novel
Teaching Reading and Lang Arts
Assistive Technology and Reading
Visually Impaired Resources
Braille, General Resources, Screen &
Print Magnifiers, Audio Books, Audio
Games and Resources
Livescribe Education Blog
Pencasts, resources, training, and
other helpful tips for using smartpens.
Educators Groups (E-Readers)
eBook Educators Group
Apps Information
iPhone, iPad, iPod Apps SPED.pdf
20 Amazing iPad Apps for Education
Hearing Impaired Resources
Pictograms, Visual Supports & Strategies
for teaching students with hearing
Upcoming Training Webinars
Sign up for training webinars on
May 12th and/or June 9th
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Examples from a class in Canada:
Social Studies
CK12 Flexbooks
A resource for free digital textbooks
Kindle vs. Nook vs. iPad
Great comparison and review of the different
e-readers and features.
Great websites for exploring ebooks
and ereaders
Using eBooks in Schools Negotiate, Train,
Pilot, Expand - Great article from THEJournal.
Apps Examples and Lists
Shakespeare in Bits
Apple App Store
iPod Apps for Education (Horry Co.)

General Resource
Mobile Learning for Special Needs Wiki
Reading Assistance
Natural Reader, Gutenberg project,
ReadPlease, Strategies for teaching
those who struggle with
reading, and more

Example of combining Natural Reader
with the Smart Pen
Training My Dragon

Short Video Tutorials for Working with Tests Using Smart Pens

Shakespeare in Bits

Additional Resources

Secondary Transition Roadmap.pdf
Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology Continuum.pdf

Transition-Career Awareness and Development.pdf

Assistive Technology Resource Page
Assistive Technology


Prentke Romich
Dynavox Technologies

Assistive Technology for the Classroom
End of Course Practice Tests
High School - every subject, all grade levels
UDL Resources
UDL Toolkit Wiki

ADD and ADHD Resources
Tips, Accommodations, Strategies, Interventions and
Organizational Schemes for dealing with the ADD/ADHD student

Best of....by Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day Blog for Teaching ELL, ESL, & EFL (@Larryferlazzo on Twitter)

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The Best Places Where Students Can Write Online
The Best Sites For Grammar Practice
Not “The Best,” But “A List” Of Mindmapping, Flow Chart Tools, & Graphic Organizers
The Best Resources For Researching & Writing Biographies
The Best Resources For Learning How To Write Response To Literature Essays
The Best Places Where Students Can Write For An “Authentic Audience”
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