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Alliance for Excellent Education
Five Steps for Creating the Digital Learning Plan You Need
A Project 24 blog post as a member of their Team of Experts

Education Week Teacher
7 Ways to Increase Student Ownership
How Childersburg High School has become a transformative school

Alabama Best Practices Center
Childersburg High School: Helping Students Take Ownership of Their Learning
A deeper look at the changes at Childersburg High School.

Teach Hub
Featured article on Teach Hub - "Is School Sucking the LIfe out of You?" March 3, 2011
This was a reprint of a blog post from my June 22, 2010, "Beware: You Eat Lunch with a Vampire."

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Teaching 2030: What We Must Do for Our Students and Our Public Schools... Now and In the Future
Barnett Berry, Teachersolutions 2030 Team
Visual Interpretation of Teaching 2030

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Daily Home article - Innovative Teachers Forum, Microsoft
Working Toward Excellence Journal - Digital Divide
Working Toward Excellence Journal - Blazing Trails
A+ Foundation Article

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My Professional Blog - Jennifer Barnett's Blog: Reflect to Redirect
Featured Post on the Alabama Association of School Boards website, "A Jolt into 21st Century Learning."
Working Toward Excellence - Quarterly Newsletter of the Alabama Best Practices Center
Favorable Review - These wiki reviews appear on wikitechie. Apparently education majors searched the wiki world for outstanding examples of wikis in education. Our wiki was featured by three different students.
Top Three Wikis - Our wiki is a #2 favorite at Perk's Web 2.0 Adventure
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Teacher Magazine - TLN discussion strand I started, "The Power of the Imaginative Mind"
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