My Digital Sewing Kit


Every home is equipped with a basic sewing kit. Whether the kit is used to create incredibly fancy couture or mend a tiny mishap, a kit of "go-to" tools is a must have for all of us. A few basic items can keep your web wardrobe in perfect condition. Make certain that you have all of these in your digital sewing kit and use them on a regular basis.

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The Basics: Needles & Thread
Special Tools: Scissors & Seam Rippers
Other Considerations:Lint Brushes & Irons
Update Your Wardrobe
Cut the loose and infected ends
Maintain the highest standard
Antivirus Software Comparisons
Computer Cleaning (From Computer Hope)
Defrag Your Wardrobe
Clean Your Computer System
Delete those Cookies
Pop Up Blocker (When & How to Turn Off)
Basic Updates (Mac)
Deleting Unnecessary Files
Networking, Sharing Files, etc.
(For PC and Mac)
Basic Updates (PC)
Troubleshooting Information on the Web

Media Player (PC and Mac)