Talladega County PBL Model Classroom Technology Training

Thursday, December 2, 2010
Elementary Learning Suite - Winterboro High School
8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Technical Issues with the Model Classroom (County Technology Staff)
  • Technical Issues and Solutions
  • Question & Answer Session

Technology Training for the PBL Model Classroom (Jennifer Barnett, Craig Bates)
Content Delivery
Project Organization
Individual Products
Group Products
Content Assessment
Using technology
to teach standards
Using technology to
keep projects organized
Using technology for
creating products by
Using technology for
creating products by
Using technology for
assessing learning
Thinkfinity sites (i.e.Read Write
Think, Illuminations, Science
Net Links), Brightstorm,
Brain Pop, Grammar
Games, Hippocampus,
Video Sites
Moodle, Google Docs,
Quizlet (now w/ photos),
Wikis & Blogs, Delicious
Glogster, Voki,
Dabbleboard, Comic
Strips, Blabberize,
Word Clouds,
Screencast (Jing),
Image Manipulation,
Digital Storytelling
Wikis, Blogs,
Voicethread, Museum
Box, Movies, Podcasts,
Digital Storytelling
Moodle, Wallwisher,
That Quiz, Survey Monkey,
Intel Tools

  • My Web Wardrobe - See the tools listed above and 250 additional technology tools to use in your model classroom.
  • Deeply explore the tools best suited for your classroom and record your "Top Contenders" on your training handout.
    Download the pdf below: