Trying a New Tool - QR Codes

A history and some background information regarding QR Codes :

My VCard - Scan this with your phone's camera to see and save my contact information.

Example of My Web Wardrobe QR Code
Using a mobile device with a QR Code scanning program downloaded to it, scan/photo this QR code. It will take you to that web page.


The upcoming DiCaprio movie, Inception, is being promoted using ARG tactics and QR-enabled outdoor ads. We first spotted these in NYC's Lower East Side. The call-to-action was enticing; upon scanning, we were directed to a mysterious blog called WhatIsDreamShare.
ScreenRant has done additional research and connected these posters to a bigger picture. It is an attempt to extend the Inception storytelling experience beyond the theater. The strategy is familiar; QR codes were also seen around NYC during last summer's campaign for District 9. Here we see barcode technology being used as an integral piece of the larger campaign, and as a great way to reach an enthusiastic and tech savvy fan base.