Student Voice Tools - Web 2.0

When students have the opportunity to speak, they usually take it! Using "voice tools" in the classroom is a powerful way to inspire them to dig deeper and learn more. Here are examples of students using their voice and technology to demonstrate wonderful learning!


Ellis Island - My students used this tool to reflect on an interactive immigration project we completed. Click here to learn more about this project. Imagine the ways you could use VoiceThread with your class. It's perfect to reflect on a science lab/experiment, to explain the procedures to a math problem, or to offer a critique to a play, novel, or other work. You can upload video, pictures, powerpoint, and other media to the site for commenting. Be sure to use ed.voicethread, rather than the main VoiceThread site. Go to VoiceThread to get started!

World War II VoiceThreads - Groups of two students created threads to introduce various aspects of WWII to the class. As we studied each topic, the thread was used to generate conversation and begin the lesson on that topic. To see more of these threads, go to the World War II VoiceThread page .


Here's an example of using Voki to make an assignment and students completing the work. (11th grade English on The Great Gatsby) I used a phone to record the assignment from home (I forgot to bring home a microphone). Students can type a response, like these two did, and an automated voice will speak for you. They could record their own voice, which is much more fun for them. These students did this work at home at actually posted their Voki to our class website. Go to Voki to learn more and get started with this tool.

Biographies in 4th grade class

Get a Voki now!

Get a Voki now!

Get a Voki now!

Get a Voki now!


Go to Blabberize to get started with this cool tool!

See 4th graders at Fayetteville Elementary use Blabberize in Science on a great Animal Adaptation unit.

Philip Cosper, a 7th grade Science teacher, tells how technology has transformed his classroom using Blabberize and a poor little ole frog.


Amanda Spurling, a teacher at Fayetteville Elementary, uses Glogster to describe the impact technology has had on her students and her practice. Take time to look at this wonderful interactive poster!