Winterboro High Technology PD 2011

Winterboro High School
Monday, January 3, 2011
8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Facilitator - Jennifer Barnett

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New Year's Resolutions for Computers and Computer Use
  • Discuss Tips/Suggestions for keeping computers running smoothly

New Year's Computer Resolution Activity
Please post your thoughts on the following statements on the discussion page on this wiki.
  • Things I Will Try To Do On A Regular Basis
  • Things I Will Try To Monitor More Closely
  • Things I Will Try NOT to Tolerate From My Students
  • Anything else ....

Update School in Sites pages (if log-ins are available...)

Making Sense Strategies
  • Review handout
  • "Tour" the CD
  • Create a Graphic Organizer for next project and post to Moodle
  • Share most promising strategies from the CD


Update on a few specific Tech Tools
  • No more Delicious - Move over to Diigo. See information from Friday Five.
    1. No more Delicious bookmarks
    It is with great sadness that I tell you that Yahoo will soon be discontinuing its Delicious bookmarking site and service. Many of us have used this social bookmarking service for years and will be forced to use an alternative service. Click to see how to import your delicious bookmarks into another service. I’d suggest you do this soon. To read more about Yahoo’s move to shut down Delicious, click here.
    2. Alternatives to Delicious...
    There are many bookmarking services available on the web. To read about 10 Alternatives to Delicious, check out this article. If I may suggest one, go with Diigo. I’ve used Diigo since this summer and really like it. My Twitter friends swear by it and promise it’s much better than delicious.
  • No more United Streaming - Try APT Plus.

Trying Something Really New
  • RSS iGoogle, Pageflakes,Feedburner, Netvibes (Tip: make it personal for now, we will worry about making it more "school-like" later)
  • My Web Wardrobe
    Find 5 tools you've never really explored and take a look. That means to register for them and take the time necessary to try them out. Post your example below if you really like it and would like to share. If you need help doing this, just ask me! Write down your 5 Tools on the handout provided.

Share your Top Three Tools with the group
  • Post your tools on the chart paper around the room
  • Share what you found and how you might use it