Advanced Technology Tools for the Web Savvy Teacher and Student
Date: June 16, 2010
Times: 8:00-3:00
Location: Winterboro High School
Presenter: Jennifer Barnett
Audience: All Teachers/Administrators
Objectives: To engage students using a variety of advanced technology tools for classroom instruction across all content areas

Description: This session will provide the web savvy teacher with lessons for taking 21st century educational technology tools to the next level. The session will focus on personal learning environment tools, next-generation presentation tools, and QR codes. A refresher course on twenty of the most effective web 2.0 tools will be covered as well. Previous 21st century technology training is recommended for participants, but not required.

Advanced Tech Tools Workshop Agenda
Welcome and Introductions

The Case for Leadership

Personal Learning Network


Next Generation Presentation Tools / QR Codes

Lunch Break

A Refresher Course on Web 2.0