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Advanced Wiki Training

Once you get the hang of using a wiki, you will find there are so many other exciting things that you can do with your space. Here are 10 things you might like to try with your wiki...

1. Embed a Test/Quiz from ExamView Pro
2. Create a Quiz/Test within WikispacesYou can create an interactive quiz within your wiki. The best way to explain this is to show you one. Go to this 10 question quiz on Holes. Each answer is hyperlinked (3 of them to the "Wrong" page, 1 of them to "Correct"). A table is included with question numbers that are hyperlinked to each question on the quiz. They use what are called Anchors to get them to that specific question on the quiz. Click here to learn how to create Anchors. . You can still get the same effect without creating the anchors, if you don't want to fool with that!
3. Use RSS feed to send useful websites to a particular page on your wiki
Click on the icon that looks like a television in the navigation bar. Then, click on the RSS icon rss.jpgon the left. It is orange with two white lines and a white dot. Now paste the url from the site you'd like to feed in the first box. For example, if you want to feed from your history tags in your delicious account, you should type, delicious/jenniferlbarnett/history. Put the site first, your username, then the one tag you want to feed. Then check the boxes for how much information will be shown in the feed. Here's an example of several feed pages from my class wiki.

4. Create Templates for your new pages
5. To obtain multiple accounts for your students, try User Creator in Manage Wiki
8. Add a Table of ContentsFirst, you must use the various Headers for this to work. For a vertical Table of Contents on the right hand side of the page, type toc inside [[ ]]

somewhere around the top of your page. If you want a horizontal Table of Contents at the top of the page, type | Advanced Wiki Training

Example of a vertical TOC - My Wiki Home Page; Example of a horizontal TOC - Map Games
9. Import a Blog Post You can import your blog entries automatically and directly into your wiki. You need to first supply a blog, with your blog's username and password, to be added to your wiki. Click on "Manage Wiki. Go to "Import Blog Post. Type in the web address of your blog. Click "Find a Blog Post. Choose the blog post you would like to import as well as the page on your Wikispace you would like to add it to. Click "Import Blog Post." Save the page.
10. Make Changes

Go to <My Account> to make changes in your username, wiki name, and much more
At <My Account> you can update your profile, change your username, the name of your wiki, your password, and much more. Remember, if you delete your wiki, you cannot create another wiki with that name.