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What Is An Anchor?

An anchor is a way to link one part of a page to another. They are often used at the top of a page so that people can jump directly to a section that is farther down without having to scroll to find it.

What is an Example of an Anchor?

We'll illustrate how an anchor works here. In this section, you can go to Apples, or Oranges, or Grapes.


Apples are tasty fresh. They come in red, green, yellow, and probably other colors. Colors can also be spelled colours. Spelled can also be spelled spelt. Apples would be extra special if wrapped in felt.


Oranges juice well. They are also delicious peeled and eaten as a snack. Don't eat the rind though. Bleh. But hey, if you like the rind, good luck to you.


I'm told grapes are great when frozen. But I've never tried them that way. I like the green ones. But again, you know, whatever you're into is cool. As long as you enjoy yourself. In moderation of course.

How Do I Create an Anchor?

First, you need to create the anchor point:
1. Go to the part of the page where you want the link to jump to (usually located farther down the page).
2. Type in Type the brackets and the # sign. Replace nameoftheanchor with the actual text you want to be the name of the anchor. In the examples above, we use .
For the second part you need to create the link.
1. At the top of the page (or wherever you want your anchor link list to appear), highlight the text that you want to use as your link.
2. Click on the link button in the toolbar that looks like an earth. For Page Name, select the name of the page you want to link to. This is most often going to be the page you are currently working on.
3. Click the "Link to anchor?" link, which will then display a box into which you can type the anchor name. So in the example above, you would type the word apples in to the Anchor box, since this is what you put inside the anchor code in the first part.